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Today, many pharmaceutical companies struggle to find a company that helps in micronization of the API drugs. Well, your search ends here! At Sun Microtech, we are among the best micronization company in India. Having the largest micronizing plant, we offer the services for reducing the diameter of the solid material particles to help the formulations to be better. There are some particles in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients that can be micronized for achieving better and effective formulations.

At Sun MicroTech, we identify those particles and work on it to reduce its size significantly. All our protocols are followed in a sanitized environment to avoid contamination or cross-contamination. Our team at Sun Micro-Tech takes all the preventive measures to keep the facility clean and provide high-quality micronized particles for further production.

Why Customers Choose Us

21000 Sq.Ft. company premises

4000 Sq. Ft. GMP area for micronisation.

25 ft Wide entrance for quick loading and unloading of material.

We can handle light-sensitive products by using sodium vapor light.

Large Products

Loan license facility

Independent AHU facility for each

Use oil-free & moister free
compressed air.

Laboratory services including particle size testing.

GMP model Air Jet

The separate entry of Raw material – administration – plant entry.

Capable of a micron in up to 5 microns and below.

Full observance of SOP’s